An Introduction to In-Person

By: Olivia Bogner Photo by Pixabay on “Can everyone hear me?”, “Everyone turn your microphones off please,” “Can everyone see my screen?”Reading these phrases triggers a different response in students today than it may have two years ago. Students have grown accustomed to them and accepted them into their day-to-day vocabulary. But now, as… Continue reading An Introduction to In-Person


Social  Media Accounts to Follow as a CBS Student

By: Julia Mellary Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Whether you are just starting out at UofG or you have proudly donned the Gryphon title for years, read on to explore Guelph social media accounts that will help keep you informed and inspired! University of Guelph 101 University of Guelph Primary Account: @uofguelphYour one-stop… Continue reading Social  Media Accounts to Follow as a CBS Student

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Closing The Intimidation Gap Between Students & Professors

By: Amber Ziebarth Professors are these other-worldly intellectual giants who are a separate, more sophisticated subspecies of human. Their public lives consist of the three hours per week that they deliver this lecture, and the rest of their time is no doubt spent in a secluded office uncovering the secrets of nature. I recall in… Continue reading Closing The Intimidation Gap Between Students & Professors

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Developing Field Skills As An Undergraduate Student

By: Eric Heisey There are many of us in biological sciences who are passionate about ecology, biodiversity and wildlife conservation. In fact, all three of these subjects are represented by a major at the University of Guelph. As a biodiversity major, I’m right there with you. I love the flora and fauna that surrounds us… Continue reading Developing Field Skills As An Undergraduate Student

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Exploring Biodiversity at Guelph

By: Giordana Scodellaro What is Biodiversity? What does it mean to you? Is it the effects of the Anthropocene on global ecosystems, using phylogenetic trees to interpret speciation, DNA barcoding to test the presence of endangered species in packaged seafood? The answer: all of the above and more. The Biodiversity major at the University of… Continue reading Exploring Biodiversity at Guelph